What We are Doing?

ERP Trainings

EDAF is always with you to train experts who are key users in your company so that they can provide training and support to end users of the company. Trainings are planned in line with your needs by providing appropriate solutions and suggestions for you.

Project Consultancy

The use of project management methods aims to show growth rate, error-free work, unnecessary business repetitions, controlled and measurable information flow at every stage, system-dependent operation rather than the individual, and provide consultancy services that will put the company into this structure as fast as possible.

Technology Consultancy

Do not be afraid of technology: As EDAF Software Company, we provide our customers with the technology consultancy service we offer, by developing and developing the appropriate infrastructure for our customers to adapt easily to developments and to develop strategies in a competitive environment.

Software Development

Acting as a complete solution company with its wide-ranging expertise and experience, EDAF provides system integration services to its customers in all hardware, operating system, database, application development tools, application software, training and projecting as a whole.

Portal Solutions

B2B E-COMMERCE SYSTEMS We offer electronic turnkey inter-institutional trade environments, where many buyers and sellers come together in electronic environment, where they organize their business relations with their business partners, dealers, suppliers, and carry out their transactions such as purchase, order tracking, and turnkey delivery.

Mobile Solutions

EDAF has managed to make easy and useful user-friendly designs in its Mobile solutions. It was successful in applications requiring high performance. Mobile Solutions that we have made are produced by taking into account the costs that will occur in field applications.

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